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An Interview with Chris Rock - Race, Politics, Ferguson and Comedy

  In Conversation, Chris Rock talks Race, Politics,  Ferguson and Comedy Article by Frank Rich We’ve just come through an election that...
December 17th 2014Views 16

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning may contest Trinidad & Tobago 2015 General Election

Former Prime Minister Patrick Manning may contest Trinidad & Tobago 2015 General Election Manning may be in the running to seek the People’s...
November 25th 2014Views 114

Obama’s Immigration Plan Could Shield Five Million

Obama’s Immigration Plan Could Shield Five Million   WASHINGTON — Up to four million undocumented immigrants who have lived in the United States...
November 20th 2014Views 64

Miami Dolphins take kids Thanksgiving Shopping

  Miami Dolphins Take Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County Kids Thanksgiving Shopping at Publix Miami Dolphins players, alumni, cheerleaders,...
November 17th 2014Views 72

Santa Arrives Nutcracker-Style at Orlando Fashion Square

November 12th 2014Views 82

Florida Hospital Makes Historic to Address Homelessness

  Florida Hospital Makes Historic Announcement to Address Homelessness in Central Florida Nov. 11, 2014 – Orlando, FL – Today, Florida Hospital...
November 11th 2014Views 81

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One Caribbean Music Festival............WOW

One Caribbean Music Festival…………………………..WOW What an unbelievable line-up of some of the best the Caribbean has to offer in the entertainment music...
December 17th 2014Views 15

Historic Cricket event for Florida

Historic cricket event for Florida Friday, November 14, 2014 -- Get ready to bring your family and friends to witness 25 West Indies Cricket Legends...
December 3rd 2014Views 36

ETANA'S Album Launch in South Florida

Ira Sweetwine of Sweetwine Entertainment Group and the VP Records Family South Florida ETANA'S ALBUM LAUNCH IN SOUTH FLORIDA It was a night to...
December 3rd 2014Views 32

Bob Marley takes the No. 5 Spot - Forbes' List Of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Bob Marley The reggae legend's postmortem earnings are up $2 million in 2014 thanks to a diversified range of ventures: Marley Beverage Company...
November 25th 2014Views 57

Calypso King meets Parang Queen

  The Calypso King "Mighty Sparrow" meets the Queen of Parang "Alicia Jaggasar" The Calypso king of the world, Mighty Sparrow last...
November 11th 2014Views 84

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Being Black in America

  Being Black, Ethnic or Non-White in America!!!!! Caribbean Americans simply view race differently, we’re nationalistic and we’re more...
December 17th 2014Views 14

Rumors of a War...........

  “Rumors of a War……….. ….until the color of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes…..War” – these were the words...
November 14th 2014Views 76

The People, The Politicians, The Power and Party Based Politics

  The People, The Politicians, The Power and Party Based Politics As an independent, open minded, educated and community oriented person I can...
October 24th 2014Views 70

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Nation News Barbados

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Trinidad Express

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Jamaica Gleaner

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