This is what happens when wealthy spoiled kids don't get their way: Trini tries to steal a plane in Orlando

This is what happens when wealthy spoiled kids don't get their way: Trini tries to steal a plane in Orlando

On September 20, 22 year old Nishal Sankat of Trinidad and Tobago felt depressed because he just did not have whatever he thought he should, though he had recently gained a commercial pilot license and possibly had a solid future. His dad Professor Clement Sankat, former principal of the St Augustine campus of the University of the West Indies, stated that Nishal called the earlier in the week to say he was depressed, maybe he wanted the bright red BMW M5 instead of the boring blue, while his peers rode in 12 year old Hondas.

While the sane people slept on September 20, Sankat was out cruising to rid his demon, but then he went by the Melbourne International Airport and the demons tossed an idea at him, "hey, let's hop the fence and steal that big ol' American Airlines plane". Nishal obeyed and  jumped the perimeter fence and boarded a plane which had been parked for maintenance. He was confronted by a maintenance supervisor and a technician aboard the aircraft and was subsequently arrested by police. Somehow the demon forgot to mention that there may be security personnel around. :). The incident triggered an airport security lockdown which lasted five hours and brought out a battalion of cops, feds and homeland dudes with big ass guns.

Sankat was arrested and first treated as a terrorist and later decreased to simply a dumbass.


Thankfully his super dad called on his US contacts who agreed to let Nishal off after serving 12 DAYS in jail, and pay a fine of $909 and never to be allowed back into the US. He has dual citizenship in Trinidad and Canada so his opportunities have not diminished.

That's how the spoiled kids handle their gift of being born with a silver spoon.

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