The joys of white male privilege in America

The joys of white male privilege in America

Being white in America has always been a blessing, but in the era of "trumpism" it is a great privilege, and white folks, especially white males, take full advantage.

Black folks are told to obey the orders of white cops and they will not be shot or beaten to death, however quite often we see white folks being arrested and they put up the most resistance but never even get a slap. In fact, there was a case where a white man attacked a cop with a broken bottle, and though the cop had his gun pointed at the dude, he ran and kept giving him warnings. That white cop would hav unloaded his gun if the man was black. This is the standard.

Today in Colorado Springs, CO, former Army Ranger Sean Scappaticci, 29 who served in Afghanistan was arrested after he threatened a Middle Eastern Uber driver, saying he hated "all brown people and wanted to kill them all". The driver stopped the car and ran and the racist chased him with threats to kill. The driver managed to call the cops and when they showed, the pig bigot attacked them. The crowd immediately expected the cops to kill him, but remarkably they took his punches and eventually subdued him.

The asshole stated to the cops (all white of course) that he wants to kill all brown people, yet they just followed the "proper protocols" and later released him on a small $800 bond. This just seems like the cops are happy that his aggression is toward non-whites and hope that he does kill a few.

If you are black and you see this man, be prepared to defend your self. DO NOT CHAT WITH HIM!

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