Openly racist white men attack a black Uber driver with a gun

Openly racist white men attack a black Uber driver with a gun

Darnell Smith, an Uber participant in Milwaukee, was attacked at 2AM on October 13 by 2 white men who pointed a gun in his face and demanded his ID. Smith said he refused their inquiry and cussed them out until they eventually ran off. He recorded the harassment on his phone.

He told network WISN 12 -- “They didn’t know me. I did nothing wrong. They couldn’t tell me what alarmed them. Was it my sweater? Was it my glasses? Was it the color of my skin? What was it?”

bigot-todd-sincock.jpgBigot white pig Todd Sincock

Clearly the white bigot pigs Todd Sincock and his brother were out with racial hate in mind and hoped to kill a black man that night. They just did not expect to run into a strong black man who would fearlessly dare them. Most black folks are simple, gullible and weak, hence the reason bigots harass them, but mixed among the fearful are the warrior "Shaka" types who will note take the racist bullshit.

The racist white pigs claim they were concerned that Darnell was a drug dealer and they were trying to scare him off the block, yet they left the real white drug dealers to do business.

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